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Welcome to GearPro Dz

GearPro Dz is a Drop Zone Gear Management System.

4 Account types

  • Drop zone Manager
  • Packer
  • Rigger
  • Skydiver


  • Track pack jobs.
  • Maintain logbooks on parachute systems.
  • Track contractor packs.
  • Full accounting on contractor pack jobs.
  • Add comments to parachute records.
  • Maintain accurate log records.
  • Add and remove parachute systems.
  • Manage packing team.
  • In sequence or out of sequence log entries.
  • Full parachute log record with repack info.
  • Line set Tracking

Packing Control Dashboard

Tuturial video links

Quik start video
Signup Packer and Rigger Account
Add Packing team and Rigger team
Setup Packing Control Dashboard account
Quik look Usage Reports
Update Contractor Services